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The wisdom of well-being

Designed for modern busy lifestyles the Veda Yoga total health concept focuses on delivering a holistic journey for the improvement of body and mind by combining ancient wisdoms of Yoga and Ayurveda. We have developed a focused platform for fitness, nutrition and natural beauty, personalized to your requirements and balance.

Find your perfect balance

Start your journey of well-being through discovery of your unique mind-body constitution by completing a free assessment online (DOSHA questionnaire) and re-establish a state of perfect natural health through tailored lifestyle programs.

The VEDA YOGA Lifestyle

• YOGA Studio

Practice Yoga, Pranayama (breathing), Guided Meditation & Restoration in small class setting where students and practitioners benefit from personalized attention from experienced teachers & leading experts in Holistic Wellbeing, Healing and Yoga.

• JUICE Clinic

Ayurvedic juices brought to you in collaboration with our exclusive partner EGA JUICE CLINIC. These juices are designed around you for your mind-body type (Dosha)

• Specialized WORKSHOPS

Elemental Yoga, Back Care & Spinal Health, Prana & Healing (coming up on July 6th 2019), Embodied Dance Movement & Mindfullness, Cleanse & Detox (guided juice cleanse), Immunity-building, Food as Medicine

• Natural SKINCARE

Luxurious Ayurvedic beauty regimes

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The Great Singapore VEDA YOGA CLASS BUNDLES Spree
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10 classes U.P. $300 - 10% off - $270 after discount ( $27/class)
20 classes U.P. $540 - 20% off - $432 after discount ($21.60/ class)
30 classes U.P. $720 - 30% off - $504 after discount ($16.80/ class)
50 classes U.P. $1050 - 30% off - $735 after discount ($14.7 / class)

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21 Jun 2019 - 28 Jul 2019
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06 Jul 2019
06 Jul 2019


"Prana is a healing tool. Learn to use it right and unlock the secrets of well being." - Punam

Join Punam in exploring the different facets and the healing qualities of Prana or life force and how it can benefit your daily living.

When you learn the art of breathing correctly, your breath can help to purify and heal the internal body. It has been scientifically proven by research institutes, such as Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute, that systematic deep breathing helps calm the mind by releasing endorphins or what is commonly known as the “happy hormones”. The manifestation of an illness has been linked to stress and emotional/mental imbalance and by learning the art of breathing properly, one can experience mental clarity, a calmer nervous system and a healthier immune system.

Breath, the thread that weaves the fabric of our lives, is also known as Prana, and it is the only tool that can reach our cells and heal us at the cellular level. Being the only medium that connects with all the energy centres, nerves and organs in the body, it becomes a very powerful tool to manage and cure psychosomatic ailments.

Key highlights of workshop:
- Gain in-depth knowledge on the principles of Prana
- Learn different Pranayama (breathing) techniques
- Gather tips on how to incorporate Breath into your daily living
- Achieve clarity of the mind with your breath

This workshop will benefit those with:
- Stress Disorders and Anxiety
- Depression
- Irregular Blood pressure
- Weight Challenges
- Sleeping Disorders

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