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Here at Rose Queendom, we believe that Roses can offer many amazing benefits and we desire to provide the finest organic and natural Rose products to support Love, Harmony and Balance for everyone.
We enjoy interacting with our customers and supporting their needs, so do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.


Rose Queendom is founded by Jacqueline Chow. After her firsthand experience of the healing benefits of Rose products, she became enthusiastic about sharing the incredible benefits of Roses to as many people as they can.
Jacqueline realised that the stress of living and working in a busy city could affect our health. Not to mention the chemicals we are constantly exposed to both in the environment and in what we consume. She recognised that both busy professionals and busy mothers need help to find safe, natural and effective products that can support their health and wellbeing, and that of their families and loved ones. So she decided to start Rose Queendom.


Roses are full of magic and history. Their physical presence evokes an immediate sense of love and beauty, and their scent is nothing short of mystical. Through the art of distillation, the roses themselves offer up their healing elixir of rose oil and rose water. The therapeutic benefits of using products containing roses range from skincare and general disinfection, to aromatherapy and psychological wellbeing.


Love • Harmony • Balance
Experience the Gift of Roses


Love : Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, is often depicted with roses, and it is the flower chosen to convey our messages of love.
Harmony : Roses bring harmony to our senses, and products containing roses help to harmonize our body as well. The use of organic and natural sources and farming methods also brings harmony to our relationship with Earth.
Balance : Roses bestow a sense of balance to our mind and our body.


Inspired by Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love & Beauty.
According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite rushed to the aid of her most beloved mortal, Adonis, who was wounded by a wild boar. And where her blood fell as she was pricked by thorns, beautiful roses bloomed. Thus the beginning of the association with roses and love. From this ancient sacred geometry symbol of Aphrodite’s Flower with it’s 6 petals encapsulated within a circle also represents equilibrium, harmony and balance.
Rose Queendom’s three main deeper coloured petals in the logo represent our motto “Love, Balance and Harmony”.
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