21 June to 28 July 2019
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Calling All Business Owners and Operators in the Retail, F&B, Hotel. Travel & Attractions industry!

Don’t miss this chance to offer locals and tourists an unforgettable SINGAPOREAN experience be it to shop, dine , play, explore or simply to LIVE IT UP!

For enquiries, please call Joel (6360 0184) / Anwar (6360 0187) / Anjana (6360 0185) / Susan (6360 0181)

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SRA and its partners in this GSS: Experience Singapore campaign reserve the right to reject, amend as deemed fit all information and images provided for publication without consultation and prior advice.
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Official Launch Party
Door gifts will be given to both media and VIPs attending the launch reception! We are looking at gifts min. $20 in value and 200 in quantity, appreciate your kind generosity!
Orchard Road Fashion Scramble

International Local
International Local
International Local
International Local
The Great Singapore Street Pop-Up
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Windows ALIVE! (Student Visual Merchandising (VM) Project)
YES! I would like to be considered for this project. I understand that $1,000 being fees payable to the Polytechnic will apply. I am also committed to attend a workshop on ‘Visual Merchandising To Drive Store Traffic and Sales’ organised by SRA and funded by ESG. I acknowledge and will comply with the terms and conditions governing the implementation of this Programme.
The Future of Retail

Great Singapore Stories
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‘GREAT Shopping Spree’ – Instore Deals

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7.7 GST Absorbed Day (7 Jul 2019)
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GoSpree Passport (Tourists Exclusive)

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Let us know the various events lined up in your store, mall, restaurant, hotel, inbound tours, places of interest etc. We will help to promote these in the GSS: Experience Singapore Website. GoSpree and other digital platforms where applicable

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