Stand to win when you catch our GoSpree Mascot and GoSpree Rovers along Orchard Road
Every weekend from now till 12 Aug 2018 (1pm to 7pm).
Over $82,000 worth of prizes to be won, for a total of 1,650 winners! Just spend a minimum of $25 in GoSpree eCoupons.
UnionPay Exclusives
Greater savings and daily draws await UnionPay Customers this GSS!
With over $750,000 worth of eCoupons for redemption, you can enjoy more savings instantly by downloading the GoSpree app! Redeem free gifts at the Carnival, e-gift your friends coupons, and enjoy savings not just at GSS but throughout the year!
GST Absorbed Day
Enjoy GST-free shopping on 8/8 at over 90 participating stores. Check out the list here!
20% off Selected Items

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3 Jul 2018 - 3 Aug 2018

GSS GoSpree UnionPay Silver Jubilee Daily Draw

Daily from 8 Jun to 12 Aug, 25 GoSpree members will be drawn to win over $82,000 worth of prizes!

  • 20 GoSpree shoppers will each win a limited GoSpree Tote Bag worth $25 (Total 1,320 winners)
  • 4 GoSpree shoppers will each win a $100 shopping voucher (Total 264 winners)
  • 1 UnionPay-GoSpree Shopper  will win a $350 shopping voucher (Total 66 winners)

Eligibility: Spend a minimum $25 GoSpree eCoupon at any GoSpree Merchant. Just scan and upload your receipts on the GoSpree APP!

Terms and Conditions Apply